The Tale of Despereaux

We have entered a new phase - the one with imaginary friends.

The other night, we were privileged enough to have Despereaux the mouse stay at our house. He ate dinner with us and everything. After dinner Cole asked if he could have a popsicle for dessert with Despereaux, to which Jake said that Despereaux could have one, but he had to eat his in the freezer because he is such a messy mouse. Oh, the creativity!

The drama of the night was Despereaux falling off of the balcony off Jake's and my bedroom, onto the deck below. We tried everything to rescue him, poking window shade sticks through the rails and all, hoping we could reach down far enough for him to grab hold and climb up. Eventually, Cole resorted to running downstairs and opening the door to let Despereaux in because his faulty mother dropped the stick onto the deck on accident. Yeah, Indiana Jones definitely won't be calling me for any help!

Despereaux participated in story time and read our Bible stories and said his prayers with us. Then, I tucked the boys in - Cole with his head on his froggy pillow and Despereaux on his truck pillow. I have to say, that having Despereaux with us Saturday night was actually pretty enjoyable for all of the family. As long as Cole's friends continue to be as nice as he was, I don't mind them coming over at all.

Oh, I just had a thought - I hope Cole doesn't tell his friends at church that they'll have to eat in the freezer if they come to our house. Oops!


~joanne said...

how cute!

Emily said...

I love it!! Such a wonderful imagination!

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