Well, I've done it....

You've been with me on this journey and you may not have even known it....

I have simplified!!

Let me tell you, this has been a huge undertaking for me. After hours and hours - so many, I'm ashamed to think of what I could have been doing - of trying to give my blog a personal facelift, I've decided enough is enough. So I went into my settings today and picked a blog background from blogger itself - not the most creative things out there, that's for sure!

For some reason, though, I'm just trying to rid myself of clutter. And, for me, my blog was becoming clutter because it was never just how I wanted it to be. So, thanks for bearing with me through all of my changes...I assure you, it should stay this way for quite a while! I can't make promises, but I keep telling myself that life is way too busy and moves way too quickly for me to be spending so much time on html!! You can call it nesting, spring cleaning, whatever - I just hope you like the new and simplified Manne Family News!

Happy Sunday to you all! I hope you have had gorgeous weather like we had today!

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