Welcome Home, Maurah!

Yesterday was Maurah's homecoming anniversary. It seems funny to me that we've only been a complete family for a year because I can't imagine my life without both of these girls in it. I remember the day so vividly. My sister and brother-in-law were visiting, it was Adam's birthday, and we got the call that we could go and get our little girl...the last time we would have to visit the NICU! I rushed to throw myself into some clothes, not even showering. When we arrived at the hospital, the nurses commented on how I looked, since I always tried to look at least somewhat presentable. However, this day, I was not taking any chances and wanted to get Maurah out before anyone could change their minds! It makes me laugh now, thinking how silly I must have looked in my green running shorts, pink and white tye-dyed t-shirt from my Senior year of high school and flip-flops. Not my finest fashion moment!

We were getting ready for the Senior Banquet that we hold for the seniors in our youth group every year (exactly what Jake and I are getting ready for right now!) and I got to bring both of my daughters with me, surprising the families in our church who had been praying so hard for us. I'm so sad because I don't have pictures of Maurah's actual homecoming. I was in such a rush to get her, I left our camera at home so we purchased a disposable one at the store - which Cole knocked into the pool on accident once we got home. Still, we have some great pictures from her first "formal event" at the Senior Banquet.

Maurah Kate, it is such a joy to have you with us, right where you belong. So many things are lovable about you!
  • I love how you raise your head to the ceiling and giggle - solely for the purpose of giggling!
  • I love how you shove your entire hand into your mouth when feeding yourself, missing most of the food, but looking so silly with Cheerios or cheese stuck to your face in the oddest of places.
  • I love how you walk around on your knees since you're not incredibly proficient at walking yet - but crawling just isn't for you!
  • I love how, when you do muster some steps, you hold your arms up in the air, cock your head back and stick out your tongue, concentrating so hard.
  • Your tongue! You make the cutest faces with your tongue hanging out of your mouth and you love the fact that you make us laugh with it.
  • I love how you bear crawl on the deck so you don't get splinters in your feet.
  • I love watching you knock down towers we build and the joyful laugh it brings.
  • I love how your hair is wild and never stays in one place - much like its owner's personality!
  • I love how you snuggle in the morning.
  • I love how you say "Dada" and "Mama".
  • Even though it's not nice, I love watching you mischievously steal a toy from Hayden - you are so sneaky!
  • I love playing "Bumblebee, Bumblebee" with you and hearing you giggle from the moment the "bumblebee" makes its appearance.
  • I love how you poke and pull at Dad's facial hair.
  • I love how you suck your thumb only when you're sad.
  • I love how you "dress" yourself by draping clothes over your head and all around you.
I can't believe it's been a year - - - I love my little Bear!

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