Wiggles and Giggles

I had this conversation with Cole yesterday about his friend, Kwame, who is being adopted and whose parents are changing his name to Elijah. I'm working on Cole learning his new name. Here's how it went down:

Me: So, what is Kwame's new name going to be?
Cole: Ewijah!
Me: Very good, buddy!
Cole: And what's my new name going to be?
Me: Your name is going to be Cole forever and ever. We're not going to change your name.
Cole: But, is my new name...Wiggo-bot?
Me: What? Lego-bot?
Cole: No, Mom! Wiggo-bot! Ewizabef (our babysitter and sister to Kwame - I mean, Elijah!) told me that I'm a wiggo-bot!
Me: Ooooh! Wiggle-butt! (laughing hysterically)
Cole: (very seriously) Yeah - is that my new name?

I don't even remember what I answered because I was just giggling so hard. This child is too much!

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Emily said...

Oh he's too stinkin' smart (and cute)! How fun!!

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