Change? No, thank you!

So, remember my previous post?  The one with the pictures of the girls sleeping so soundly?  Well - that must have been a huge fluke.  The last few nights, we've put the girls to bed and, a few hours later, Hayden gets up and throws huge tantrums.  At least, they seem like tantrums.  She receives no comfort from Jake or me and just screams and screams.  Not a sad crying scream either.  We've had no idea if she's been in pain or if she's had a night terror or what.  Jake researched night terrors and this seems like her, except hers lasts all night - it isn't one isolated incident.  Truly, the night before last, poor Jake got only two hours of sleep.  I think I got more than that but not by much, especially with feeding Laina in there.

Last night, we finally asked the girls if they wanted to sleep with me in our bed.  It was crazy - once we were in there, Hayden relaxed and started her routine of rolling herself to sleep (this I'm hoping to capture on camera once - it's hilarious how they fall asleep).  We lost a lot of sleep again last night and are now trying to figure out what to do - what exactly is best for everyone?  Obviously, one of us is not a fan of change, six of us are grumpy bears, and two of those bears should not be drinking as much coffee as we are - I'm thinking we're going to need an intervention after this!

I'm supposed to be at a friend's bridal shower today and it's just not happening.  We have to figure this out.  Do we just cram the girls in their room and have no walking room in there?  Do we keep Laina in our room (although, she's still going to have to move out eventually)?  Do we keep the girls upstairs and work through the transition (somehow) with Hayden?  Isn't this post keeping you right on the edge of your seat?  I thought so.  I'll be done now.

You'll just have to hang on and wait in anticipation.  I'm tricky like that.

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~joanne said...

Do you really think it is a change in room?..or do you think it is a change in beds (or have they been in these beds?)

In the previous picture of them sleeping, I noticed there was no blinds/shade on the windows..maybe the shades were just up? Could the light be waking them up in the morning? It probably is not the cause of night terrors.

Man, all I can say is, I must have lucked out with night kids were rarely up in the night!

I never let the kids sleep in our bed...I couldn't sleep then. Desperate times call for desperate measures!

Hope you can get it all worked out..nights with out sleep are awful!

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