Visit To Michigan - Stop 2

The second stop on our Tour de Michigan was to Grandma Janet's house!  You can read more about Grandma Janet here.

Lately, we've taken to calling her Grandma "Jamet".  Cole started this trend and now we all love to refer to her this way.  I have to tell you that I was a bit nervous about taking all of the kids to Grandma's apartment all by myself but the visit went beautifully!

Grandma made special lunches for the kids of pb &j's with M&M's on top, Goldfish crackers and cheese cubes.  Then, we left the dining room and retreated to her apartment for some more spoiling of strawberry ice cream.  Yummy!  It was so nice to have someone two generations older than I to remember what kids like for lunch and to remember what it is like to be with kids all by my lonesome.  I get so frustrated when people just expect things from you and don't take into account how much work it is to tote my four beauties around!  Okay -  I'm off of that soapbox now!

I was surprised and so grateful for how much the kids remember Grandma's apartment.  Cole basically walked in as if he owned the place and the girls warmed up really quickly too!  Cole said before we walked in, "I'm glad we're at Grandma's.  She's fun!"  He makes me smile.

Here are the kiddos with Grandma:

And before we left, Hayden climbed up to steal some more snuggles from Grandma.  Pardon the finger in her nose - I told you she was comfortable!  Ha!

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Emily said...

Yay for Grandma Jamet! Sophie calls her Great-Grandma Jam or Jan, depending on her mood. :) Lovin' all the pics, especially with that fantastic camera of yours! *jealous*

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