Visit to Michigan - Stop 1, Part 2

We celebrated the girls' birthday with the Manne clan while at their house.  With a Chocolate Texas Sheetcake and presents in hand, we got our party on!
The girls knew as soon as we started singing that this party was for them.  They loved it!  I was so proud too, because they actually blew out their candles!  We've been working on blowing and spitting in this house - but that's another story.
Opening their first gift together....
Fleece blankets from Grandma Tammy!  It was so funny too because they picked the ones that she had designated for them in her head.  Maurah went right for the darker stripes and Hayden for the brighter trees and polka dots!  I love how their personalities shine through even in their tastes for blankets!
This year the girls got lots of "girlie" things.  It was so fun to see them open their own purses, tea sets and cake decorators.  Our house is turning from "baby" to "big kid" really fast!
I love this picture of Hayden in a cascade of tissue paper and that it's clear enough to see the freckle on her nose!
Hayden went straight for the M&M's in her purse....
...while Maurah went straight for the phone.  Once again, if you know their personalities, you know this fits them perfectly!

We had a great time at the Mannes' but had even more partying to do!  Stay tuned for those posts tomorrow!

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Emily said...

LOVE the tree print on Hayden's blanket! Yay for girlie stuff, FYI it multiplies before your very eyes. I don't go a day without stepping on a teapot, pretend lipstick or princess shoes! :)

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