3 Seams & Laina's Birthday

I have the most exciting news!

We are teaming up with Inga over at '3seams' to raise money for her wonderful ministry!  First of all, if you haven't ever heard of '3seams', you must go over and read about it RIGHT NOW!  It's such a wonderful idea!  I told Inga that I love how God is so amazing, He gifts us with talents and passions and then is able to use those special gifts - whatever they are - to spur on His love and His grace to others. 

So, here's the deal.  For Laina's first birthday party, we will be asking for no gifts since she has the 1 year-old world at her fingertips, thanks to three older siblings.  Instead, we're asking for donations to support '3seams'

What's even MORE exciting is that Laina will be wearing the dress that Inga has made for her at her birthday party.  She will be so cute!

What's BEYOND EVEN THAT exciting is that Inga is making a trip to Haiti on September 16th and will have the duplicate dress that she gives to a little girl there which means that we will have the picture of this precious girl by Laina's birthday and will get to celebrate her too!

I'm beyond giddy.  I really thought this wouldn't work out for some reason or another.  I also thought that I might end up talking to some customer representative from the company or something, so when Inga emailed me back and shared with me how excited she was to make this happen, my soul went soaring. 

Even with all of the chaos happening in our lives right now, we are planning on doing a much larger party than usual in order to get as much money as we can to support this great cause.  You can donate too!  If you would like to be a part of this and give Laina a birthday present that will make a difference in the world, please let me know!  Either email me or leave a note in the comments section that you would like me to contact you with info on how to do it.  Of course, you can always go to the '3seams' website too!

Please pray for us in these next coming weeks that God will move hearts to give generously so we can make a change and bless the children and the families of Haiti!


Anonymous said...

What a GREAT idea, Meg! I went to the website and donated in Laina's name. I hope you are making a scrapbook page so that Laina will know someday that she was instrumental in reaching out to others before she even knew how. I KNOW God will richly bless your entire family for your willingness to reach beyond your own needs to help others. You all are an inspiration!! Chris Lubitz

Megan said...

Ah! Thank you so much, Mrs. Lubitz! I'm teary-eyed just reading your comment! This is so wonderful and I am hoping so much that we can do something great for these little girls in Haiti. And I am definitely making a scrapbook page....that's another one of my new obsessions! Again, thank you. I don't have the words. :)

Emily said...

What a fantastic idea Megs! I've been poking around her website and it is so cool! What a great way to teach your kiddos about sharing God's love with others!

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