Colorful Fun

The kids and I did a new project the other day.  We found an idea to paint rainbows with erasers here.
I love this website and have found lots of good ideas to do with the kids.  And they've ENJOYED them!  This isn't always an easy feat, especially trying to find project ideas to suit both toddlers and a preschooler.

We first read this book, just like she instructed.
This is my absolute, hands-down, favorite book to read to my kids.  I love how, as you turn every page, it pulls a ribbon across to make a beautiful rainbow.  It's been wonderful to teach them their colors.  This is a gift I give at every baby shower.  Every child must have this book.  They must.
Maurah was so sweet in how articulate she was with her art.  I love this picture of her.  I just want to snuggle her to bits.
This girl, I would love to snuggle too, but not until after a bath!  This picture reminds me of the old book Panda Bear's Paintbox, which would also be a great book to read with this project.  I love that book! 

This is such a fun project to do with the kids.  We now have our rainbows proudly displayed on our front wall so we get a touch of color as soon as we walk in the door.  My children's artwork in the house - one of my very favorite things.


Emily said...

You're welcome for the website, unless of course you had found it before I sent it to you! :) Heehee, looks like the kiddos had fun! Don't you feel like you've accomplished something huge when you have them do a project?

Megan said...

That's so funny because I had found it before you sent it to me! Great minds think alike! :) I'm checking out those other ones too, though! Thanks for sending them on!

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