The other night Cole and I were praying before bed.  I always try and make sure that we pray for our sponsored kids, Karan and Anthony.  When I said Anthony's name, Cole said, "Who's Anfony?"  So I explained which boy Anthony is and that we need to pray for him and his mom.

"And his daddy?" Cole asked.  I explained that Anthony doesn't have a daddy.

"I wish he had a daddy," Cole said.  I suggested that we pray that God would bring Anthony a daddy.  "Maybe he could bring one like Mr. Jeff."  (Our friend, Jeff, just adopted Cole's friend, Kwame.  I'm not sure if he thought of this because of different skin colors or what, because we have made sure not to point out the different skin colors.  People are people and we are all beautiful!  I just don't feel the need to distinguish until he asks.) 

I asked Cole if he thought daddies are special.  "Yeah - hey!  Maybe he could get a daddy like my daddy!  That would be cool!"

So we prayed that God would bless Anthony with a daddy like Cole's - one who loves the Lord, loves Anthony's mommy, and loves Anthony.  One who would be silly with Anthony, play with him, read to him, and especially teach him about God.

And then, once Cole was asleep, I prayed for his daddy.  I couldn't love him more.


Emily said...

Tears, sweet tears on my face from such a sweet boy! You are doing a great job with Cole Megs. Keep it up girl!

~joanne said...

What a sweet family you have! Love how you are impacting the next generation..keep up the great job!

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