The Shedd Aquarium

Jake took the day off today and we packed up the family and went to the Shedd Aquarium downtown.  I am so blessed because Jake recognizes that we need to schedule family days, otherwise, our time together gets lost in the craziness of church and ministry.  Cole was waiting for this day for the last four days.  Every day he'd say, "Only two more naps and then it's -quarium time!" (And less and less).  So, today was our special day.
Cole ready to give the attendant his ticket
It was also a very crazy day at the aquarium because it was a free day!  Lots of schools and other groups were there, so it was a bit incredibly hectic.  I was so proud of our kiddos because they did so well!  We were barely able to see any of the actual exhibits because there were so many people - hence the lack of fish pictures.  But, we did the math and ended up buying a year-long membership - it was the cost of two visits for our family!  So, I'm really excited because we can go to the aquarium any time we want and don't have to worry about anything but parking.  Excellent!
I have no idea what Hayden is doing, but this face is too silly not to post!
 Yay!  Laina's first trip to the aquarium!

Look how Laina is looking at Jake - hilarious!
 We finally found a quiet room where the kids could roam and have some fun.  Here is Cole drawing on a chalkboard.
 Honest to goodness, every picture I have of Hayden, she is making a silly face.  I have no idea what she's doing here!  But she just makes me laugh.

Like I said, we got no pictures of fish or dolphins, but we got wonderful family pictures.  Here's the gang waiting for the dolphin show!
 And now with Mom and Laina...
 My precious baby
Cole was so sweet because he just wasn't sure what to think about the whole thing.  He kept saying we had to stay back from the exhibits so the fish didn't get us.  Sadly, I'm the one to blame for his timidity!  Sorry, buddy!
M&M stained-mouth Hayden.  :)
 This is pretty much how Maurah was throughout the whole aquarium.  Our dolphin show wasn't until 2:30 and she hadn't napped yet.  The poor, tired sweetie!
 Sometimes it helps just to snuggle.  This was a wonderful time.  :)
 But once the show began, our little animal lover was in awe.
Until the loud music started - it still amazes me how similar in personality Cole and Maurah are!

Sometimes it's nice to be out in public and to realize just how great your kids really are!  Since we had so many families around us with young ones, we saw many tantrums, tears, and just plain rude kids.  I'm so proud of our kids, especially that they have such sweet hearts.  I pray that Jake and I can continue to encourage them in this way and that they'll be loving, compassionate, serving adults one day.  

And I'll especially teach them not to cut in front of young parents with lots of kids while they're waiting for the elevator!  Ha!


Emily said...

What sweet pictures! Oh I miss you guys!!! I wish we were closer.

~joanne said...

These are the kind of days when you have to check your sanity!!

Someday you will look back and laugh..."remember when we took the kids to the Shedd Aquarium....weren't we insane!!"...

Jake looks like he is thinking....Man, it's easier to go to work, than take four little ones to the SA...and I work with Jr & Sr highers!!

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