Thought for Tuesday

We have a new rule in our home.

Cole may not go to Awana on Tuesday nights if he doesn't take a nap.  Last week he had a horrible week at Cubbies', behaviorally speaking, and we decided it just isn't fair to his teachers to send our over-tired little man to them so he can disobey and act out.

I was just thinking this afternoon how we are so much like preschoolers in how we respond to God.  I know that when I am tired or just worn down, it's so hard for me to listen, to have perspective, to obey.  We are such finite creatures who need rest and need refreshment.

Jesus says, "Come to me, all who are weary, and I will give you rest." 

It's very easy for me to get caught up in the "doings" of life.  I forget that I need to stop and rest in my God because then I am restored.  When I take the time to be quiet before God, He fills me up, ready to face my day.  I am then excited to be obedient to Him and to show my love to Him through my actions.

Right now we're teaching Cole this principle in a minute way - he needs a nap so he can be ready to obey his authorities and have a good time at church.  I hope it will follow him into adulthood though, encouraging him to rest before God.

Which encourages me to leave this computer while all of my kids are resting.  Have a great Tuesday!

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