More Photos? Of course!

But with this cuteness, could you really blame me?  I think not!  Especially with a big bow.  
Maybe you didn't know:  Baby + Big Bow = Bliss.
Laina's new "trick" is pulling up her shirt.  I'm trying to teach her "modest is hottest", but she's not quite getting it yet.  Ha!

I can lift it even with my brother smooshing me!
Another equation for you:  My oldest + My youngest = My heart melting
Those cheeks.  Help me - I'm a puddle.
Photo shoot is over!  When the bow is being pulled, it's time to rescue the baby!


Emily said...

I love how Maurah and Hayden are always pantless. :) Same thing happens at our house too. Love the pictures and the new blog layout!

Megan said...

Thanks, Em! I know - full outfits are hard to come by around here. :) My mom mentioned the other day that she never sees the girls wearing clothes she got them in pictures. Well....this is why! They're all in their skivvies typically, not even any clothes! Oh, the freedom of being a kid! Ha!

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