Father's Day

Father's Day was very special this year because we got to have Jake's dad visiting us in our new home of Wisconsin for the first time!  It was so great to have both his mom and dad here for a nice overnight visit Saturday and Sunday.

They came Saturday morning and we visited for a while and then got to show them around town and headed over to a new restaurant we haven't tried yet for lunch.  The food was delicious!  I wish I had had my camera with me because Jake's dad ordered nachos as an appetizer and it was stacked about a foot high on this huge plate!  We just laughed when the waitress brought it out and placed it right in front of him! 

We gave Jake his gifts on Sunday morning and I'm so disappointed in myself because this is the only picture I have of him with the kids all day.  And it's only one kid.  For the whole day.  Ugh.

We said goodbye to Mom and Dad Manne after church and then we headed out to lunch to celebrate Jake.  I can't even tell you how much I love this man and the father he is to our kids.  In a lot of ways, he's much tougher on them than I am but I can't even describe how good that is for them.  And I see it in the way they cherish every bit of time they get with him.  Because he's so awesome, they do get a lot of time with him...way more than most kids get with their dad.  I'm so thankful for that!

I really doubt that he ever saw himself as being a dad of four at the age of 28...but God definitely knew what He was doing!  Jake loves these kids so deeply and I love him more and more as I watch him parent them.  From teaching Cole basketball, to helping the girls with their "big girl" bikes, and snuggling with Laina when she's sad or tired...my heart melts in it all.

I realize how blessed I am to have a husband who wants to be here for our kids.  One who wants the absolute best for them and strives to be his absolute best for them.  He rocks our world and our family is so much stronger because of him.

Thanks, Jake.  I love you so much!

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