Our First Last Day

Yesterday was Cole's last day of preschool!  We celebrated with an end-of-year ice cream party in his class.  It was fun to see Cole interact with kids who are still new to him.  Surprisingly, he was pretty different than he was in his school in Michigan.  I'm not sure why...maybe just the dynamic of this class?  Either way, I don't think I'll ever tire of getting a peek into my boy's "other" world...that secret one that I have no idea about except from the bits and pieces I gather from my conversations with him or when I get to go and visit now and then.  It's so fun to see him in a different element and I can't wait to have that experience with the girls too!  (Although, the time really doesn't need to fly by any faster!)

Cole was excited to give his teachers a bouquet of flowers with a handmade card for each and a Starbucks gift card inside for a yummy treat.  Sadly, I didn't get any pictures of him with his teachers because I forgot to bring my camera...grrr. 

We are excited to be on summer vacation and are kicking it off with tons of visits from friends and family, VBS and a whole lot of other fun things that I'm sure you'll see on here!  I've never been a huge fan of summer since I graduated high school because there wasn't much of a change for me.  But now that I'm dreading September when I send my little man to school all day, I'm loving the chance I get to have all of my kids with me all day long.  Sure, there will be challenges.  But not having to rush them all out the door to keep on a schedule that doesn't fit our normal family routine?  I'm so excited for that!  And just knowing these are my last few months where I get the most time with Cole compared to anyone else?  That's something I'm treasuring too.

Dear Cole,

You have grown so much this past year!  I'm so proud of you, not only for finishing preschool, but for all of the changes you've endured this year.  In less than one year, you have lived in four different houses (with another move happening again in July!).  You have attended three different churches, two different schools, had four different teachers and many different friends and faces to get used to.  You were such a brave boy when we made this last move to Wisconsin and you told me very boldly that you wanted to start school even though you knew it wouldn't be very long and that you'd be putting yourself in a position where you didn't know anybody.  That first day when I walked you in, I was so proud of you for giving me a kiss and letting go of my hand, walking in with Mrs. Schrader, a teacher you had never met and a classroom you had never been.  I get teary writing this, thinking of all of the changes you've had this year and you have handled them so well.  You have shown me that you definitely are not my baby anymore and that you are comfortable with yourself and with meeting new people.  I'm so thankful for these two things and pray that they will always be a part of your personality...that your love for yourself in God will grow and that you will love people and want to get to know them.  As hard as it is to let you grow up, I know that you are already spreading your wings and doing such a great job at flying on your own in some areas.  I can't wait to see what kind of a young man you become!

I love you. 
Love always,

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