We are about to kick off a big celebration for summer vacation around here.  Seriously...not having to eat lunch at 10:30 every day and wrangle my crew of children into the 90 degree weather just to load them into the even hotter van and fight them over who gets to buckle them in with burning seat belts is NOT going to make this mom cry one bit.  It's time for a HUGE celebration!  :)

With all of our celebrating, we're going to mix in a few different things...particularly in the form of summer goals.

This is the first year that I'm doing summer goals with the kids.  I've seen a few different articles on this in all of my Google-ing and thought it might be something good for our family to implement this year.  Sooo...without further adieu, here they are!

Our Summer Goals
Megan's Goals:  1.) Blog at least once a week 2.) Do at least 2 real photo shoots in Wisconsin 3.) raise money for Ethiopia??
Cole's Goal:  Learn to tie shoes
Maurah's Goal:  Learn ABC's
Hayden's Goal:  Learn ABC's 

So those are it!  Once we reach our goal, we get to treat ourselves...Cole's will probably be in the form of a new game or book, Maurah's and Hayden's will most likely be the Tangled dress-up clothes or doll, and me?  I'll be treating myself to the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory!  Mmm...

I'll keep this blog updated on our goals!  And share a comment!  Do you have any summer goals?  Have you ever done this with your kids before?  If so, share some tips!

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